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An Announcement

Professor Harry Crane is one of the people I respect the most within our little community of sports betting enthusiasts. He has an ability to blend the technical rigor of an academic with the common sense of a real-world practitioner, and he has been nothing but honest and trustworthy in my dealings with him. So when Harry invited me to partner with the team at, I was thrilled to accept.

What does this mean? Two things.

First, my blog posts and articles will now be hosted at They will be, as always, available to the public for free – but they will now reach a wider audience. I have provided lots of high-quality free content to the gambling analytics community over the past few years and I have no plans to stop.

Second, I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching a course! I will admit that I was uncertain about how much demand was out there for university-style lectures about sports betting…until the first run of Applied Analytics and Sports Betting was so popular that they had to add a second concurrent session, which also promptly sold out. I wasn’t able to attend, but I have seen tons of positive feedback from those who took that course.

When I polled my followers on potential topics, they voted overwhelmingly for Bayesian inference/models. I think it’s a great fit for a course like this because it can be applied to a diverse set of real-world problems of widely varying complexity, and it’s material that is under-represented in the library of existing content available to analysts and bettors.

So please join me for Bayesian Sports Betting on Tuesday evenings starting in January. Sports analytics and sports betting analytics are full of “small data” problems, and it may seem like the only options are to rely on a data set despite the small sample size or to reject it entirely. This course is a guided tour through the world of possibilities in between these two extremes. You will learn a variety of methods to help you get maximum value out of small data sets, explained more thoroughly than could be done in a 2,000 word blog post. There will also be lots of opportunity for Q&A (I try my best on twitter, but unfortunately I get asked way more questions than I have time to answer) and for networking. It’s not cheap, and it won’t be for everyone…but doing paid content comes with a moral responsibility to deliver value to those who pay, and I take that responsibility very seriously. I’ve done paid jobs for all kinds of people and groups over the years, and never have I left a customer feeling like they didn’t get good value for their money. I can’t promise to make you a winning bettor, but I will promise to make you a better analyst.

I hope you will join me at my new home, either as a continued reader of my free content and/or as a student in my class. Thank you for your support!



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