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Plus EV Analytics

Applying statistical and actuarial methods to the analysis of gambling propositions

Latest from the Blog

Me v. Caesars

First, the background for those who haven’t been following along. So, I am suing Caesars in Ontario Small Claims Court. I’ve been asked the question, “why are you doing all this”? It’s a lot of time spent, the money involved is relatively insignificant, and I’ve since been completely banned from betting at Caesars…which I admit…

NFL Season Wins 2022: Seeking Alpha

My original NFL Season Wins article was my most-viewed post of 2020 and one that I’ve been asked quite a few times to update. The most obvious change is that the season is now 17 games long instead of 16, but that’s a trivial update and you, my loyal readers, deserve something more. Back in…

Sharp Books, Soft Books: Inside the Sportsbook Ecosystem

Today I’m going to tackle a topic that is somewhat controversial. Myths, misconceptions and disinformation are everywhere, there is passionate debate from all directions, and there is a lot of complex stuff going on. Let’s talk about the different ways that a centralized* sportsbook can be run; specifically, how they set their odds and how…

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