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Plus EV Analytics

Applying statistical and actuarial methods to the analysis of gambling propositions

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Sharp Books, Soft Books: Inside the Sportsbook Ecosystem

Today I’m going to tackle a topic that is somewhat controversial. Myths, misconceptions and disinformation are everywhere, there is passionate debate from all directions, and there is a lot of complex stuff going on. Let’s talk about the different ways that a centralized* sportsbook can be run; specifically, how they set their odds and howContinue reading “Sharp Books, Soft Books: Inside the Sportsbook Ecosystem”

An Announcement

Professor Harry Crane is one of the people I respect the most within our little community of sports betting enthusiasts. He has an ability to blend the technical rigor of an academic with the common sense of a real-world practitioner, and he has been nothing but honest and trustworthy in my dealings with him. SoContinue reading “An Announcement”

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